We offer logistics and expertise under one roof

Scrap metal and slag may be seen by many people as worthless waste products – but not by us! We are an internationally active company based in Traboch in the region of Styria, Austria.
Ever since the company was founded in 2002, we have been dedicated to the professional recycling of secondary raw materials. By means of our specialised and purpose-built equipment, we are able to recover iron as part of the recycling process with up to 97% purity, so that it can then be made available to industry for subsequent processing.

Our modern fleet of trucks transport secondary raw materials from various waste sites in central Europe for processing at our main site in Austria. If required, the materials can also be processed on site at the customer’s premises. Laboratory analyses and strict controls carried out on each delivery and a precise overview of current stock levels guarantee consistent high quality with regard to the end product.

All the sorting and processing equipment used by our company is custom-built and optimised on the basis of our extensive experience and relevant up-to-date research. Our equipment is characterised by its uncompromising construction and high level of robustness. The diverse range of innovative detailed solutions that we offer is indicative of a high level of efficiency, availability and versatility.

The optimal interaction of all these factors plays a major part in our ability to provide our customers with a first-class quality end product.

In order to continually improve on performance areas such as energy efficiency, process management and product quality, all documentation is co-ordinated at our main site in Traboch and, thanks to specialist software, can be used to improve production processes and the end product itself.

Thanks to the latest technology, we are even linked online to the steel plants and are able to deliver the materials required speedily and hassle-free to your chosen location within central Europe, whenever you need them.

Did you know...?

...that the word „slag“ dates back to the Middle Ages and originally comes from the German word  “schlagen” (to hit or strike)? In former times slag would have been struck repeatedly with a large hammer to separate it from metal fragments. What would back then have been an extremely strenuous task is today carried out automatically by highly sophisticated machinery.

Sekundaras is one of the most innovative recyclers of ferrous materials in Europe

Secondary materials play an absolutely essential role in steel production today. Already as much as 45% of all crude steel production is currently based on the reintegration of secondary materials.

Austria is regarded worldwide as the home of cutting-edge expertise in this field – take for instance the so-called LD process, developed by Voestalpine, which is currently used in around 60% of all steel production worldwide.

This processing method requires not only perfect knowledge of the materials, but also extensive practical experience, because the quality and constitution of the source materials varies so greatly. We have developed special processing methods which enable us to recover valuable ferrous materials from the so-called waste product slag. Our specially developed machinery, combined with the most up-to-date technology enables us to recover high-quality secondary raw materials containing an average of 97% ferrous material.

In the long term, this contributes not only to the conservation of the earth’s natural resources, but is also of great economic interest, because recovered ferrous materials can be effortlessly reincorporated into the steel production process.