Recycling is the motto of a responsible industry, based on the conservation
of resources and ecology

Iron is the tenth most common element in the universe – in great demand, versatile, but unfortunately not available in unlimited quantities. Iron has been processed by human beings for 3,000 years and products made of iron have long become a symbol for cultural development and technological progress. The technology used for processing iron and steel continues to move forward, thus enabling the economically viable re-use of incidental by-products.

It is therefore comes as no surprise that the recycling of iron is the oldest form of recycling in the history of humanity. Even before the start of the Iron Age, around 800 B.C., metal spearheads were melted down and made into tools or weapons.  We have made it our mission to conserve this still precious resource and so to make an important contribution to protecting our environment. Today, almost half of all the steel needed worldwide (approx. 400 million tonnes) is produced from scrap and various ores.

The reintegration of recycled ferrous materials into the production cycle is becoming increasingly important – one of the prerequisites for this is,
however, that the materials used have been carefully sorted according to type, and that their composition corresponds exactly to that of the steel that they will be used to produce.