There is nothing in living nature that occurs without being
connected to the bigger whole.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

As the name Sekundaras suggests, we are a company that specialises exclusively in secondary materials for metal production, in other words, iron recycling. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we recycle iron from waste products such as slag and scrap metal from all kinds of waste sites in Austria and beyond every single day. Not only that, we manage to achieve up to 97% purity! This enables us to cover a crucially important and nowadays essential sector of the recycling industry.

Our in-house expertise combined with our facilities and machines, as well as our own fleet of vehicles means that we can always operate flexibly and independently as needed.

We are Sekundaras

Our company is based in the region of Styria, Austria. It was founded in 2002 in Traboch, where we are still located. Following the departure of company founder, Franz Löschnig in 2015, the company was taken over in its entirety by its current CEOs, siblings Heidemarie und Philipp Kuttin,
and so continues to be in capable hands.