Nature knows no problems, only solutions.
(Carl Amery)

Wherever iron is processed, for example, in steel plants and foundries, slag is produced – most companies producing this iron, however, focus almost solely on its production and place little importance on the valuable by-product, slag.

This so-called waste product is what we specialise in. Using our specially developed technology and our own equipment on international landfill sites and waste dumps, we recycle from slag or scrapped pig iron skull, high-quality ferrous materials with a purity grade of up to 95%.

During this process, the deposited material is systematically dug out, sieved and carefully sorted, as appropriate to its intended use, for further processing. Mobile or stationary sorting plants are used for this work, and any material that is not suitable for re-use is decisively rejected immediately after sieving.

Precise checks and the most up-to-date technology

The entire reconditioning process is subject to strict ongoing quality checks using the latest laboratory techniques and mobile analysis equipment. This enables the ferrous materials to be carefully checked for possible radioactive contamination and the presence of other chemical components, to ensure that only flawless products enter the recycling process.